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Moss Removal Services in the Greater Victoria Area

Moss can be very pleasing in specific settings. However, moss on a roof can have devastating consequences for property owners. Unlike other areas of your property, we can not remove moss on your roof using pressure. As moss grows, it can wedge under your shingles, causing gaps and holes that a pressure washer can exacerbate. Therefore, it is essential to have the knowledge, skill, and experience to use the correct methods and techniques when dealing with organic growth. Coastal Shores employs various practices, such as pressure washing, soft washing and green chemicals treatments. This allows us to remove moss, algae, mildew and mould from almost any surface safely and effectively.

More Moss Removal Tips

Moss Removal is commonly associated with roof maintenance and preventing costly repairs. However, moss and other Bryophyta can do more than destroy your roof. Moss acts as a sponge storing water creating rot on wooden surfaces such as decks, railings and even on your perimeter fencing. Additionally, it can cause corrosive water damage to stone, cement, brick and asphalt surfaces by exploiting tiny fishers. Finally, as the moss grows, it can expand these cracks causing lasting destruction to your property.

Hiring a professional moss removal company can protect you from unnecessary injuries. For example, removing moss from your roof can be a difficult and tedious process. Climbing up onto your roof and applying a chemical treatment can leave you standing on a slippery and treacherous surface. Here at Coastal Shores, we train our employees to use the correct fall arrest and, if possible, fall restraint systems. This ensures all parties are protected from very preventable injuries and headaches. Our employees are also highly trained in using our high-grade pressure washing and chemical treatment systems. This is also important to prevent injury when eradicating moss found elsewhere on your property.

Coastal Shores Window Cleaning is Based in Oak Bay. However, we operate in a vast area throughout Greater Victoria, to which we offer free moss removal consultations. This includes Lanford, View Royal, Saanich, Cordova Bay, Esquimalt, Colwood and Sooke. We provide a long-lasting, environmentally friendly solution to remove destructive moss, mildew, mould and algae from the exterior surfaces of your home.

Why Choose Our Demossing Company

The most effective way to prevent invasive growth on your roof is through a seasonal moss removal regime. The team here at Coastal Shores are well-known proven experts in our field. We have grown a reputation of excellence by always completing each job on time with 100% customer satisfaction. Allow us to remove all moss from your property, restoring the curb appeal to your home and prevent costly, unnecessary damage. Moss removal is our specialty and with us you will get exactly what you pay for. We deliver the goods at an affordable rate without sacrificing quality or safety to save a buck. Call or email Coastal Shores today for your free estimate.