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Nothing can brighten up your home better than crystal-clear, freshly cleaned windows. With Coastal Shores Window Cleaning, we leave your home looking its best. Every window, from skylights and living room windows to sliding doors, will be left spotless. Furthermore, the minute we finish, you can step inside a naturally bright sun-lit home that is sure to impress. Regardless of the weather that blows our way, Coastal Shores is the company you can trust and rely on to wash your windows and make your house look amazing.

With our supreme window cleaning techs and our quality guarantee, you can rest assured you are in good hands. Additionally, with our regular window cleaning services, you will never have to worry about dirt or grime-covered windows again! We are always one step ahead with Coastal Shores' skilled team of professional cleaners and our wide range of specialty tools.

Cleaning Windows in Victoria can be challenging from the limited access to many windows and facades in the downtown area. However, Coastal Shores Window Cleaning has the solution for any situation, from commercial businesses and offices to residential condos and homes. We work to recognize all possible risks in our industry. Furthermore, as a window-washing company, we encounter many dangers on the job every day and experience significant liability concerns. So to protect ourselves and our clients, we carry 3rd party liability to ensure all parties are covered.

Coastal Shores Window Cleaning offers our services to all of our fellow citizens in the Greater Victoria Area. For example, our premium window-washing covers Oak Bay, Cordova Bay, Langford, Esquimalt, View Royal, Saanich, Sooke and Victoria. For a free and easy exterior cleaning consultation in any one of these areas, please text, call or email Coastal Shores Window Cleaning.

How Coastal Shores Window Cleaning Excels In Our Field

We always provide our skilled workers with a safe and respectful work environment. As such, we comply with all WBC safety standards and procedures when cleaning your windows or facade. Furthermore, we provide our employees with expert training and assistance to ensure perfect quality, risk-free services. As a result, you can be confident there will be no accidents while Coastal Shores Window Cleaning is on the job.

Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning in Victoria

Is it worth getting windows cleaned?

Window cleaning has visual perks, but it can also extend the life of your windows. 

Neglected windows that are visually dirty can damage the surface of the glass. Dirt, debris, and other foreign materials can cause scratches when not regularily cleaned.

Window cleaning can make all the difference when it comes to identifying problems before they get out of hand. Our professional window cleaners examine the exterior of your windows while working, so we can inform you of any potential problems you may not have been able to see, such as small cracks or loose framing/siding.

How often should residential windows be cleaned?

Ideally, windows should be cleaned two to three times a year, depending on where the property is located.

On Vancouver Island, we have seasonal wet weather which can promote algae growth. During the spring, pollen from nearby trees and flowers can build up quickly. Depending on the environment, more washes may be necessary.