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Roof Cleaning & Demossing Services in Victoria B.C.

Coastal Shores roof cleaning experts employ demossing methods that provide a long-lasting and safe solution to invasive moss growth. For the last five years, we have built an exceptional, dedicated and highly motivated team to restore roofs in the GVA. Our soft wash roof cleaning techniques combined with green, environmentally friendly chemical compounds will eradicate all moss without damaging your roof or putting your wildlife friends & pets in danger.

Quick Facts About Roof Cleaning

Although demossing your roof can be for aesthetics is not just about that. Victoria and Vancouver Island Homeowners are consistently under attack from the historically wet climate. Moss thrives in our coastal rainforest, causing roofs to be prematurely replaced long before their time. Consequently, moss reacts like a sponge, forcing your shingles to lift. Unfortunately, allowing said moss sponge to deposit water and moisture under your shingles into your plywood and attic. Unchecked, this creates the perfect opportunity for mould and rot to set in, forcing you to replace your roof.

Choosing Coastal Shores Window Cleaning to demoss your roof can help you reduce your carbon footprint. Not only do we use the safest cleaning products, but we also prolong the life of your roofing materials. The more you replace your shingles, the more significant your effect on the environment will be. Most roofing materials are made with hardcore materials such as; tar, asphalt, and fibreglass. These, among other things, are highly invasive to our environment when produced. So prolonging your roof's lifespan is vital to reduce waste and pollution and keep these materials out of the earth for as long as possible

Coastal Shores Window Cleaning is proud to offer our premium roof cleaning services to anyone in the Greater Victoria Area. More specifically, our roof demossing area constitutes Oak Bay, Cordova Bay, Saanich, Sidney, Langford, Esquimalt, Sooke & View royal. Take advantage of our timely estimation process by contacting us as soon as possible. Free of charge, we will come to your home and provide a thorough, fair assumption of our costs for whichever exterior cleaning service your home requires.

How Coastal Shores Roof Cleaners Can Help You

Our roof cleaning company will enforce high-quality control standards among our employees to guarantee you get the service you expect. For example, we never use high-pressure, invasive and violent roof cleaning tactics to remove organic growth. Such techniques could damage your roofing material, causing immediate leaks or shortening its life span. Instead, our mission is to restore your home’s curb appeal and prolong the lifespan of your shingles to save you money in the long run.