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We Utilize Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Pressure Washing & Window Washing Solutions

Coastal Shores Window Cleaning has provided expert pressure washing services for residential and commercial property owners for almost ten years. Our crew proudly provides exceptional customer service for our clients in the Greater Victoria Area. Furthermore, our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Thanks to our top-quality pressure washers and soft washing equipment, we can achieve this. With combined years of experience, our team can accomplish any pressure-washing task we lay before them.

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Sundeck and Driving Way Cleaning
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Exterior Cleaning Services in Victoria

Coastal Shores Window Cleaning is a full-service exterior cleaning company operating in Victoria. Our premium house washing services include but are not limited to; house washing, roof cleaning, pressure washing, window cleaning, roof demossing, gutter cleaning, moss removal and siding cleaning. Our professional technicians specialize in these essential exterior cleaning skills. However, for your property to be immaculate, every inch of your home’s exterior must be washed. Therefore, there are many resources we offer and exterior articles of your home we clean. These extra services we may not mention these here on our website. To understand if our company covers your needs, please give us a call, text or email to find out.

Quality Power Washing

Our residential power washing services in Victoria include driveways, sidewalks, sundecks, soft washing and siding cleaning.

Licensed & Insured

We carry WCB coverage for all our employees as well as local business licensing and 3rd party liability.

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We Employ Countless Combinations of Cleaning Techniques & Non Toxic Compounds.

Our House Washing Services in Victoria

Gutter Cleaning Company in Victoria B.C.

Gutter Cleaning

Our prestigious eavestrough and gutter cleaning services are vital to prevent long-term damage to your roof. Additionally, seasonal maintenance can prolong the lifespan of your gutters and shingles. Finally, keep your downspouts clear and preserve your soffit and siding!

Moss Removal Company in Victoria

Roof Moss Removal

If left unchecked abundant moss growth can present the perfect environment for mold and bacteria to grow around your property. Moreover, moss removal is an essential part of property management that can prevent early rot and corrosion on almost any surface.

Siding Cleaning Company in Victoria B.C.

House Washing

Coastal Shores Window Cleaning possesses the skills, knowledge and tools needed to clean any siding you have, no matter the material. From stucco, vinyl, and aluminum, to hardy plank, we provide a service that will make your property look new every time!

Roof Cleaning Company in Victoria B.C.

Roof Cleaning

We are an established roof cleaning company in the Victoria Area. Based in a quiet neighborhood of Oak Bay. restoring roofs to look new again is our final goal. Utilizing a low impact, green and safe washing solution is a vital part of our roof washing process.

Window Cleaning & Washing Company in Victoria B.C.

Window Cleaning

Coastal Shores Window Cleaning is the premier option for residential, industrial & commercial window cleaning throughout Victoria. Additionally, we serve Saanich, North Saanich, View Royal, Langford, Esquimalt, Sidney, Colwood and Cordova Bay.

Power Washing Customer in Victoria B.C.

Driveway & Sundeck

Our Coastal Shores cleaning team applies multiple pressure washing techniques to clean many surfaces across your property. These methods, combined with specifically chosen, ethical cleaning solutions, allows us to effectively remove organic build up on all surfaces.

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Protect Your Roof

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Clean Your Gutters
Gutter Cleaning Company in Victoria B.C.
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The Best Gutter Cleaners At Your Service

We Offer Unrivaled Gutter Cleaning

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Fully Licensed in Victoria B.C.

Gutter Cleaning Experts all over Victoria
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Moss Removal Performed by Trusted Professionals

Roof De-mossing to Rejuvenate Your Curb Appeal

Our roof de-mossing pros are quick to get to work because invasive growth can dramatically reduce the life span of many construction materials. Regarding property maintenance, safety is a priority for Coastal Shores Window Cleaning. Our de-mossing technicians use the appropriate stand-offs to ensure safety before stepping on your roof. Any clutter that may be present is removed to give you a better view of your roof’s condition. Our estimation team reviews multiple roofs weekly, enabling them to evaluate and address all aspects or potential scenarios. Our cleaners have seen homes in many different conditions, giving them the experience needed when a standard job throws them a curveball. No one cares more than you about your property than we do. We offer ‘before-and-after’ photos as part of our services upon request before we get to work.

Soft Wash on Windows for Professional window cleaning techniques
"Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Responsiveness, and Value. They arrived on time, did an excellent job on our windows inside and outside and even got at some hard to reach windows! He was meticulous and even checked his work and went back to a few places that had streaks. We were thrilled and will never wash our own windows again :)"

Window Cleaning – Let The Sunshine Back Into Your Life.

We believe that sunlight is an invaluable asset to a home. Unfortunately, dirt, grime, and dust-covered windows may prevent you from acquiring the maximum benefit of this natural light. You can enjoy the long days and bright sunny summer weather with a good quality window washing service. We rate window cleaning as one of the top priorities in your springtime exterior cleaning routines.

Fortunately, the business of cleaning windows is our specialty. Our commercial and residential window cleaning company has advanced tools and safety equipment to reach any window. Furthermore, our streak-free policy guarantees you get the service you deserve. Our expert window cleaners will install the full spectrum of sunlight into your life.

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Have Your Roof Cleaned Safely

Premium Roof Cleaning in Victoria

An essential part of our house washing services and routine roof maintenance is rooftop cleaning. Costly repairs can be a consequence of forgetting to routinely clean your roof in the long term. Regularly booking a professional roof cleaning service can be a huge deterrent from premature roof replacement. Consider booking a consultation with our exterior cleaning company rather than adding roof cleaning to your already long to-do-list. Here at Coastal Shores Window Cleaning we employ trained, professional roof cleaning technicians that are prepared for any situation

Power Washing Professionals

Driveways, Sundecks, Walks Ways & More!

When it comes time to wash your house, searching for a company that will treat your home with the utmost respect is paramount. Coastal Shores Window Cleaning provides a comprehensive plan for every situation to avoid damage and maximize results. Furthermore, we guarantee our cleaning technicians will never sacrifice quality safety standards and procedures to save time. Our power washing techniques will always exceed industry standards and client expectations. This is our 5 star satisfaction guarantee. There are many elements to the exterior of your home that can benefit from some good power washing. This can include your sundeck, patio, driveway, or fence.

Pressure Washing Professional

"We picked Coastal Shores based on excellent Google reviews, and they exceeded expectations on all fronts. Top notch service at a reasonable price. We'll use them exclusively from now on."
- Barry Carlson

Delivering the Best Siding Cleaning Services to Our Customers

Coastal Shores Window Cleaning provides siding cleaning services that include aluminum, stucco, vinyl, hardy plank, cedar, glass and brick. Coastal Shores will safely clean and wash your house without causing damage to your siding. Additionally, our cleaning techs know when to use pressure, soft wash or even chemical cleaning solutions. This enables us to thoroughly clean your home’s exterior with maximum efficiency at an affordable rate.

Our cleaning services utilize green cleaning solutions and do our best to minimize our carbon footprint wherever possible. Furthermore, our service location is spread across the Greater Victoria Area. This includes Langford, Esquimalt, Sooke, View Royal, Victoria, Colwood, Oak Bay, Cordova Bay, Saanich, Sidney and Swartz Bay.

Moss Removal Services For Your Entire Property

When people think of moss removal services, the first thing that pops into their mind is that one house on the block with a foot of moss on the roof. However, moss can grow all over your property causing significant damage. Moss acts like a sponge holding onto water, causing rot to wooden surfaces such as your roof or sundeck. In addition, moss can also hasten the effects of water damage to such surfaces as bricks, concrete, asphalt and even marble.  Taking root in tiny cracks as moss grows can expand these tiny fissures, expediting long-term damage into short-term destruction. Fortunately, Coastal Shores Window Cleaning can help; by scheduling an annual moss removal service. With our seasonal moss removal solutions, we can eradicate all organic growth prolonging the need for costly renovations.

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Have some questions? Check out our FAQ section below. Still have questions? Be sure to contact us!

Coastal Shores Window Cleaning prioritizes safety during the pressure washing process. Our team is trained and equipped to handle all pressure washing tasks with care and precision. We use the latest technology and eco-friendly solutions to protect your property. Trust us for secure and efficient power washing in Victoria, BC.

At Coastal Shores Window Cleaning, we are committed to preserving the Victoria, B.C. coastal ecosystem. Our pressure washing services incorporate eco-friendly products and practices, minimizing environmental impact. We use biodegradable detergents and eco-conscious techniques, ensuring responsible power washing that safeguards our beautiful coastal environment.

Our pricing at Coastal Shores Window Cleaning in Victoria, B.C. is tailored to the specific demands of your pressure washing needs. We consider factors such as size and complexity to provide a fair, customized quote. Our flexible pricing structure ensures you receive value for money with every power washing service.

For optimal upkeep of your property in Victoria, we recommend scheduling pressure washing services annually. Regular washing enhances cleanliness and extends the longevity of surfaces. Coastal Shores Window Cleaning ensures your property stays in pristine condition through our expert power washing solutions.

When pressure washing windows near Victoria’s coastal area, Coastal Shores Window Cleaning takes special precautions. We address challenges posed by salt and moisture, using safe, efficient techniques to prevent corrosion. Our experienced team ensures your windows are crystal clear, even in coastal conditions, with our expert power washing services.

In Victoria, we recommend scheduling pressure washing services in the spring or fall to maximize results and property maintenance. These seasons offer ideal weather conditions for effective washing. Coastal Shores Window Cleaning ensures your property is ready to shine year-round with our expert power washing services tailored to Victoria’s climate.

At Coastal Shores Window Cleaning in Victoria, BC, we employ advanced pressure washing equipment and techniques tailored for diverse surfaces like windows, decks, and siding. Our cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly practices ensure effective power washing, leaving your property spotless. Count on us for expert washing solutions in Victoria, BC.

Certainly, at Coastal Shores Window Cleaning in Victoria, B.C., we’re proud to showcase our expertise in pressure washing for coastal properties. Contact us for references and examples of our successful projects, demonstrating our proficiency in delivering top-quality power washing services tailored to the unique needs of coastal homes and businesses.

Yes, Coastal Shores Window Cleaning in Victoria, B.C. offers maintenance plans and package deals for regular pressure washing services. Our customizable solutions ensure your property stays pristine year-round. Experience the convenience and cost-efficiency of our tailored power washing packages to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of your space.

Coastal Shores Window Cleaning in Victoria, B.C. prioritizes your landscaping and plant protection during pressure washing. We take careful measures to shield your greenery, using eco-friendly practices and covering delicate plants when necessary. Our power washing services are designed to leave your property pristine without compromising your landscape’s health.

Coastal Shores Window Cleaning in Victoria, B.C. prioritizes safety. We have comprehensive insurance coverage and a team trained in safety protocols to handle unexpected incidents during the pressure washing process. Our commitment to secure power washing ensures peace of mind for our clients and top-quality service for your property.

Coastal Shores Window Cleaning in Victoria, B.C. excels in pressure washing various surfaces, from concrete to historical properties. For delicate surfaces, like heritage buildings, we take extra care, using low-pressure techniques to prevent damage. Trust us for expert power washing that respects the unique character of Victoria’s heritage properties while ensuring a pristine finish.

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